Teachings of Jesus Christ

Our Lord Teaches his Disciples

The 2 Great Commandments

  1. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.
  2. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

To Do These Things We Must:

Hear the Word of God more
Read the Word of God more
Study the Word of God more
Memorize the Word of God more
Share the Word of God more


We are a Christ centered group made up of several denominations from all over the world who are dedicated to the above 2 commandments and who choose to do so by fellowshipping in a fun, loving and uplifting manner.

What We Do

We come together in our social network, forums and local communities to discuss, learn teach and just have fun hanging out with others who are centered on Christ and are more interested in doing His will, His way instead of getting stuck in the traditional “Churchy” stuff and never being about our Fathers business.

Who Participates

Everyone who has Christ and the Holy Spirit in the Center of their lives and want to make friends with others who want to serve the Lord and enjoy the benefits of fellowship without getting hung up on doctrinal disagreements.

What we Don’t Do

We don’t ask you for money. We Don’t ask you to change Churches. We don’t ask you to give up your calling to suit our needs or agenda’s and we don’t ask you to give up your Biblically sound doctrine as taught by your Christ centered denomination.

All we want to do is…

  • help each other do whatever it is that the Lord has called each of us to do
  • to share our strengths and particular gifts
  • to work as a community to assist each other and help our short comings.

How We Assist Those in Need of Help

Our Ministry is very non-traditional as we have succeeded with the blessings of the Lord to have some very talented computer people who have created a very unique website that is a cross between:


  • Spiritual Resource Center built by those of us who are called to participate and work together to help each other grow in our individual callings through the use of our Social Network, Chat rooms, Forums, Blogs and websites.
  • A Facebook Type Social Network which includes advertisers — which is what made Facebook wealthy.
  • Forums, Chat Sessions and Rooms to encourage members to interact, fellowship and help each other.
  • A large array of products for sale creating funding similar to Amazon. Providing books and Millions of other shopping experiences with fantastic pricing.
  • Blog Publishing Center to allow Pastors, Teachers and those with passions and callings to write and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help us all grow as better Christians.
  • An Educational Center run by a diverse group of believers called to mentor and disciple those of us who have a calling and feel a need for support. We believe that all of us who follow Christ are called… it is our calling, to help you grow, in your Christ centered Ministry and calling, or, to help pray with you, so that you find your calling. It is time that Christians who have felt a strong calling no longer have to fight to gain approval, acceptance, support or training in order to be about the Fathers business. Your calling is between you and the Lord and so long as it is Biblically sound then we will support it and you.
  • Financial Resource that grows from the great shopping experiences that our visitors gain through our shopping carts, auctions, and advertisers. This allows us to be able to donate 40% of our funds to help local area Christians, Churches & Ministries in the United States with all sorts of assistance through our non-profit corporation. 30% of our funds go to help International Missionaries and groups reach the unsaved of this world through our future international corporation. While the remaining 30% is being used to further the growth of Proclaimers for Christ Inc. and to provide jobs for dedicated Christians who are called to this Ministry. Almost all of our funding comes from the same types of mechanisms that fund Facebook, Amazon and on-line retailers. This blessings makes it so we do not have to ask you for a penny in tithes, donations or love offerings. Keep those funds at your home Churches. As we continue to grow we will continue to reach out to Christians throughout the world who need our help, our friendship and experience as well as our funds to do whatever it is that the Lord has called you/them to do. The Love offerings that happens when we come to your town goes to you and your Ministries. The Lord provides for us through the shoppers who buy from our advertisers.






What we want from you is simple…

We want your fellowship, we want to grow as a community and be able to draw on your gifts and strengths as we vow to support you and give you access to our strengths and gifts so that together, we may support each others weaknesses as a body of Christ should. Join our Family Community Today and start testifying, witnessing or just have some good clean fun! Oh yeah! If your feel a need to go shopping… please try to do so with us or our advertisers as it is the only real way that we are financed.

Together in His service

The Vision

The Lord’s vision was very clear… bring his church (Bride) together in a loving way so that all Christians young and old can participate in the Discipleship process and go out and do the Fathers business and:

  • Proclaim the Gospel to the unsaved
  • Re-claim those who once dropped a knee and asked the Lord for His Grace and Salvation yet, who are now sitting in the shadows. This will require great love and grace on our part and we must avoid the tendency to turn against those who are a bit different or have a few minor doctrinal differences. This is the greatest calling of this Ministry. Re-claim the Lords Children and get them back home to Him now!
  • To Exclaim the Word of Truth and Love as can only be found in the 66 books of the Christian Bible so that the body of Christ is properly Discipled. Too many Churches, and well intentioned Christians quickly judge, condemn or attack what they don’t understand or what others have told them and fail to use sound Biblical protocol. As Proclaimers for Christ we are called to shed light on what is not Biblically sound and to correct and be accountable to each other for what is not Christ centered and wise enough to avoid the doctrinal disputes that are differences which both sides are supported in the Bible. Believe what you believe and allow others to believe what they believe so long as it is Biblically sound and stay focused on what is important and that is to stay Christ centered and Proclaim, Re-Claim, and Exclaim!


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