August 6, Glorious Future, Blessed Tomorrow


I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
—Philippians 3:14
The normal Bible direction is not backward, it is always forward. Jacob returned to the altar, but in doing so he did not go back, he went forward. The Prodigal Son did not say, “I will go back”; he said, “I will arise and go to my father.”
From where he was, going to his father’s house was a forward step in his moral activities. It represented no retreat, but a distinct advance over his previous conduct.
The will of God is always the proper goal for every one of us. Where God is must be the place of desire. Any motion toward God is a forward motion. Even repentance is not a retreat toward the past but a decided march into a more glorious future. Restitution is not a return to yesterday but a step into a blessed tomorrow….
If we find that we have gone back, then we should immediately reverse the direction and again go forward. NCA024-025
God’s purpose in all His dealings with us is to make us grow into something higher. The greatest calamity that can come to a soul is to be satisfied with its present condition. CTBC, Vol. 5/015
Tozer on the Holy Spirit.


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