Friday March 3, 2012 Outreach


We have good news about our Friday outreach that went very well and with blessings. My helper and I went to visit 12 hindu families that we shared with them things from God’s word. It was so nice that we had very nice fellowship with people in discussing things. We hired tv and dvd player and showed Jesus movie to about 22 people that came and explained things to them. I prayed with them so they will understand God’s word. We believe God will enable many of them to realize and come to believe in Jesus as we pray and teach to them from God’s word. They need more prayers.

My helper had also wonderful meeting with women that 13 women came to participate and they enjoyed learning form reading from the book of Romans and prayed together. We taught them and explained things.

We had meeting with 16 new converts that we taught them from God’s word as they are growing in their faith. We encouraged them to wait until God provides for them so they will have opportunity to start worship services on every Sunday. We need to hire rented place for the Church. We need your prayers and that God will provide for rented place for the Church, it costs $85 including utility bills.

We have 10 requests about urdu bibles from new converts and we encouraged them to wait and ask God to help them. Please pray and consider helping us with purchasing urdu bibles for the needy new believers. We believe you will raise good enough that we will purchase urdu bibles for the new believers and reach more people.

We want to purchase tv and dvd player also that we want to show Jesus film to hindu families and explain them things and teach them. Please pray that God will provide for His work in Pakistan.

We are praying for you and believing if God help us through you that we will reach many others and have passion to share with them the Gospel. Please pray with us,


His Servant



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