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We suppose that at some point and time Proclaimers for Christ will eventually allow donations to itself. Most likely to support its future calling for International Missions.

However, it is our earnest intentions to grow financially by those of you who are willing to shop at your favorite places YET, link to them through our site. That way you get the things that want at the best possible price and the affiliates that you link to through our site are gracious enough to give Proclaimers for Christ a small token for the referral.

Proclaimers for Christ feels that your primary tithes and offerings should always go your home Church or Ministry where you are fed spiritually (Manna). If that is with a Church that you attend and which is near your home every Sunday, or if it is an on-line church either connected to Proclaimers or not. That is where your Tithes and Offerings belong.

Gifts or Love Donations should be given in support to Ministries and Missionaries that you believe in. Many of them can be found here, or may be your own, or someone that you know.

Anything that you feel called to give above and beyond these things should go to good solid Christian charities and help group.

Proclaimers for Christ never wants to ask for funds from its friends…

We do support many Churches, Ministries and Missionaries that do need your help and funding so please feel free to support them directly.

Want to help support Proclaimers for Christ? Just please remember, if your going to shop on-line OR would be willing to shop on-line… then, we would love it if you link to your favorite place or products through us. Don’t see what you want? Please suggest it by leaving a message with any of the leadership or bloggers and we will do our best to get that affiliate so you can shop, save and indirectly support Proclaimers for Christ.

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Thank You.

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