Thought for today!!! “He is not Here, For He has Risen!”


Thought for today!!! “He is not Here, for He has Risen!” 8 words that should make you shout, for He did it for You and I!!! People could not take away His life, but He freely laid it down as a remission for sin… He paid the price in full, and on that third day He rose again, with the keys to Death, Hell and the Grave in His hands… For those who believe death is but a transition from here to Eternity with God… But I can proclaim to you this morning every knee will bow and declare Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords whether you believe or not, one day soon your knee will be bowed before him and you will either hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant,” or “Depart from me I never knew you…” He died and rose so that you would never have to hear those words spoken into your ears… We all have the choice to accept what He has done or to reject the Blood that was shed for you and I, and to Proclaim he is Risen and He is alive forever more…”

By: Pastor Ron Crandall


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