July 20, It’s A Choice


Choose you this day whom ye will serve….God forbid that we should forsake the Lord, to serve other gods.
—Joshua 24:15-16
It is the spark of God within a person that troubles him or her. That spark is placed within by the Spirit of God. Conviction. Longing. Desire. That spark within does not save. But that spark must be there to lead the person on to salvation.
Why is it that some men and women seem never to have any awareness of that spark from God? They may be nice people, nice neighbors, nice friends. But they live every day without any spark of discontent, without any spark of need for God….
God has made us with the right to make our own choices. We were not created to be robots. God made us in His own image, but with the right and the ability to choose. We are free moral agents.
When our first parents made the wrong choices, the human race became alienated from God. Since that time, every person has been faced with choices and decisions. MMG063-064
Happiness is nothing but that inward sweet delight, which will arise from the harmonious agreement between our wills and the will of God. JAS147
Tozer on the Holy Spirit.


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