June 20, The Christ Question


And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man.
—Revelation 1:13
Those celebrated European painters, whose works adorn the world’s great art galleries, undoubtedly did their best to depict our Lord. They were limited, however, by their finite concepts of the Subject. To be frank, I do not want to hold in my mind an unworthy concept of my divine Savior. We Christians should earnestly desire the Holy Spirit to sketch a true and transforming portrait of Jesus Christ across our innermost beings! Our delight should be in the assurance that Christ lives within us, moment by moment. And that assurance must come from God’s holy Word.
Do you personally desire with me that the Holy Spirit will dip His brush and begin to paint across the canvas of our souls a living portrayal of Jesus Christ, complete with blood and fire? JIV053-054
[U]ntil you receive Christ as God’s Messenger and Channel of all blessing, you have not met the God of redemption….The very first step in the Christian life is to come to Christ, to receive Christ, to become united to Christ, and to find Christ the Channel, Condition and Source of every blessing….The question for every man is the Christ question. CTBC, Vol. 5/420
Tozer on the Holy Spirit.


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