June 3, What Would Jesus Do?


Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another.
—Colossians 3:16
I have known people who seemed to be terrified by God’s loving desire that we should reflect His own holiness and goodness. As God’s faithful children, we should be attracted to holiness, for holiness is God-likeness—likeness to God!
God encourages every Christian believer to follow after holiness. Holiness is to be our constant ambition—not as holy as God is holy, but holy because God is holy. We know who we are and God knows who He is. He does not ask us to be God, and He does not ask us to produce the holiness that only He Himself knows. Only God is holy absolutely; all other beings can be holy only in relative degrees.
The angels in heaven do not possess God’s holiness. They are created beings and they are contented to reflect the glory of God. That is their holiness.
Holiness is not terrifying. Actually, it is amazing and wonderful that God should promise us the privilege of sharing in His nature. JAF089-090
To know Christ is the way to grow in holiness. Christianity is…the religion of the divine example….Ask yourself…what would [Jesus] do if He were here? Nothing else will so surely lead us into the way of holy living. JAS122
Tozer on the Holy Spirit.


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