Members, Contributors and Authors Wanted!


Are you a Proclaimer for Christ?

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Christians WANTED

Do you feel the calling of the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart?

Are you looking for a way to grow a Ministry that you feel called to do?

Do you want to grow as a Disciple of Christ?

Do you need a place to talk, be heard, feel safe and free to ask questions about sin, salvation, Christianity, and the bible without judgement, ridicule or the pressures of a specific doctrine?

Have you felt lost and needed a friend?

Have you been blessed and desire to find a way to give back, to share, to minister to the needs of others without someone with their hand in your pocket just after your money, time or labor to grow a church and not focusing on His Church or really doing the “Great Commission”?

Do you want to start a “Home Group”, go into the local or international Missions field?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions then Proclaimers for Christ want you! Yes you, Yes the imperfect, messed up, frustrated and confused God Loving, Jesus Seeking you as a member of Proclaimers for Christ. First as a member in our social network (consider it a facebook for Christ) AND as a contributor to our Christ centered forums. Then as a moderator of the forums and an Author of our blogs.

Need a place to grow and express your Ministry, Church or Christian activity and events?

Here is the place. If approved by our members we will even help you with links to your website or blog and help you with direct link donations tab to your PayPal account.

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