November 18, Willing the Will of God


If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God.
—John 7:17
The most advanced soul may be shocked and chagrined to discover some private area within his life where he had been, unknown to himself, acting as lord and proprietor of that which he thought he had given to God. It is the work of the in-living Spirit to point out these moral discrepancies and correct them. He does not…”break” the human will, but He does invade it and bring it gently to a joyous union with the will of God.
To will the will of God is to do more than give unprotesting consent to it; it is rather to choose God’s will with positive determination. As the work of God advances, the Christian finds himself free to choose whatever he will, and he gladly chooses the will of God as his highest conceivable good. Such a man has found life’s highest goal. He has been placed beyond the little disappointments that plague the rest of men. Whatever happens to him is the will of God for him and that is just what he most ardently desires. POM108-109
Can you renounce everything which is inconsistent with the glory of God and the highest good of your fellowmen? Are these the natural breathings of your heart, “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done?” DTC149-150
Tozer on the Holy Spirit.


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