Pakistan Praise Report


We have great pleasure to share with you about our recent outreach news updates as below:
Family Visits:We had very good visits to 13 hindu families where we shared with them things from God’s word and explained about Salvation from God is free and a gift we come to believe in Jesus as His only Son who crucified for our sins. There was good time of discussions as some of those interested people asked questions to understand. As we knew they are seeking true God. They have been always seeking God in different things and offer goat sacrifices for their sins to be forgiven. We shared some verses from bible that teaches about the true sacrifice of Jesus. We found the people are responding us as we share the God’s word. They are always hospitable and served us tea. This was very good opportunity of great fellowship with them. We took also some time and prayed for them.
Christian Movie Show:We hired tv and dvd player and we invited many hindu families to come and gather so we could  show a part of Jesus film to about 28 men and women that they learnt from it on the life ofJesus. It was good time to explain them more by sharing verses. They are trying to understand things as they are learning new things. 4 of them have come to accept Jesus as their personalLord & Savior. We are teaching them more things that they should grow in their new faith. We  prayed with them. We found we need to purchase our own tv and dvd player and asking God to provide us help.
Women Meeting:  We led our women meeting where 14 women came to participate who were so interested to learn more as she started the meeting with prayer of thanksgiving to God. God helped herto teach from the book of Acts. She also prayed with them and there was very good fellowship with each others. She led 2 women who came to accept Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior.She prayed with them for their spiritual growth and that they will be obedient to God.
New believers Meetings:I was able to conduct believers meeting where I had 20 people that came and we had very good time of studying together. We read from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 9 and discussed things together. This helped all to learn so much for the spiritual growth. We spent some time in prayers for each others. 2 People shared their personal testimonies and it was encouraging to others. Some of them shared that they are witnessing to their friends. I taught them how to share Gospel among others. We also spent some time in great fellowship together and took tea together.
Prayer Requests:We have several prayer requests for our ministry work that we need your support.
1. We need to rent place for our believers group to conduct worships, women meetings,Sunday schools and personal meetings. It costs$80 for a rent per month.2. We need 17 urdu bibles for new converts for their spiritual growth. Each copy in urdu language costs $5.3. We needs 14 urdu bibles for our women group.4. We need tv and dvd player for outreaches that costs $170.5. We need your prayers for those that listen to God’s word and that they will come to accept Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior.6. Pray for one of our new believers healing who is sick and he has stomach problem for last few days.7. Pray for 4 men and 2 women are near to accept Jesus that they will come to believe in Him soon.8. One of our believer’s girl need insulin for her diabetic type One as she is suffering from high blood sugar that may cause sudden death. Insulin costs $28 per month.
We believe God gives you burden for Pakistan, it will be blessing for us to have your support to do God’s work successfully reaching more people as we preach the Gospel among them. PraiseGod!
In His Love, His Servant
“Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters”. Ephesians 6:18


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