Pakistan Support Needed


We believe you are doing well, we want to tell you that we always remember you in our prayers to God. As we do God’s work in reaching more people we found we may need your support to continue it and we are praying to God on great Faith for His provision. That will be blessing to have the help as we have several needs as below:

1. We need to purchase tv and dvd player that we show Jesus film to hindu families and teach them by explaning things
2. We need to rent Church place for new converts to worship on Sunday
3. We need bibles in Urdu language for new converts for their spiritual growth
4. We need prayers for those to accept Jesus as we preach the Gospel

We would ask you to pray and help us for above mentioned things, that will be blessing to us, we are thankful to God for that we are able to afford just for outreach travels etc, that comes from our own salary tithes. Besides that we also need laptop for doing ministry work.

When do you plan to visit us? Have you been able to put online our ministry on your website that people will know and donate for us to do God’s work in Pakistan. That will be blessing.


His Servant


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