The man or woman on the street


The man or woman on the street is not interested in your credentials or your education what they do
wanna know is, do you have something that can change;

my hopelessness into Hope,

my sorrow into Joy,

my helplessness into Security,

my hunger into being Fed,

my financial nightmare into Blessing,

my sickness into Healing,

my stress into Peace,

my darkness into Light,

my difference into Acceptance

my bondage into Freedom,

my addiction into Deliverance,

my sin into Holiness,

my fear into Faith,

my defeat into Victory,

my failures into stepping stones of Transformation ….

Not one man or woman can do those things for another person, no matter how much you try it will
still fall short, unless Jesus is lifted up and when He steps onto the scene of
their lives and all things begin to change…Walking out of a 7-11 the other
day a homeless man stopped me and said ” Mr. what do you have for
me?” I stood for a moment and said “Hang on let me see, I am not rich
by far, but what I have is your’s…I reached out my hand and he took mine in
his dry and cracked hands and he patted mine gently, I felt the Holy Ghost move
through me like electricity… the once sad eyes that walked up to me now had
tears in them…what I had to give the man in monetary form was very
little…he said most people won’t even take time to talk to me, let alone put
out their hand…We talked for a few more minutes and then he walked around the
corner and was gone…” What is my point… it does not take education to
show the love of God, it just takes a person willing to let God move through
them to this lost and dying world, people are dying for someone to just put forth
their hand and love them just as they are…”

Romans 8:15 For ye
have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry,
Abba, Father.

John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

I want you to know if you feel any of those things above your answer simply is Jesus…everyone of us
that are called by His name have been exactly where you are… it took hands of
love to reach out to this man writing this… but I thank God, that He still
has people who remember,  what He brought them out of…  and their willingness to reach out in love

folks, sin is sin no matter how big or small, it is still sin and the answer to that sin is Jesus…

The man or woman on the street are definitely not impressed by nice clothes, suits, fancy dresses,

big houses, cars or anything else that so many of us think are the signs of sucess and happiness…

They want to be loved just like they are, they want someone to reach out and touch them,

Smile with them and laugh with them and even cry with them… They are looking for the reality of the

Gospel in you and I… and we can win the masses…we can…we just need to do it one person at a time…

being ginuine with them no matter what we have it is enough, as long as Jesus is the focal point in touching

their lives.

Pastor Ron Crandall


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