The Web Site Colors and Backgrounds


colors, vivid colors, proclaimers for christ, The Base or foundation of the website is built of stone which represents the “Rock”. Our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ. As shown it represents a stone table made of beautiful polished granite making it free from flaws, dirt or other forms of soil which represents the perfection, cleanliness and beauty of our Lord Jesus. The thin red line in the granite table represents the Scarlet Thread. It represents the line of God’s chosen and the atonement of sins and grace by the shed of the Blood of the Lamb Our Lord, Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Those that follow the Scarlet Thread are those who diligently seek the path of the Lord and are willing to be his disciples and do his great commission.

Resting and open on this polished table of granite sits the parchment with the burned edges, its charcoal smudges and its faint pink stains with scrolling text and the slightest hints of blotted droplets of black ink. These things all carry a meaning, a representation, a reminder. The Scroll or parchment reminds us that we are bound by the word of the Lord and that it has been a gift handed down to us from one generation to another and that we all need to study it, learn from it, and proclaim its wonderful wisdom and glory. The burnt edges of the parchment represent the pain, the suffering, the persecution, that Christ and his disciples have born throughout time to preserve and follow his commandments and to do his will, “The Great Commission”. The faint droplets of ink on the parchment shows us the sinful nature of all mankind while the pink shadows that rise up ever so lightly throughout the parchment represent the washing of that sin by the blood of our Lord Jesus that he shed so that we would be forgiven.

It is on these parchments and foundation of the Lords word that we begin to glean our knowledge.


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