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One of the worst feelings a Christ centered believer can feel is being called to a particular Ministry Purpose and not being able to being able to accomplish that calling.

So often as believers we run into walls, obstacles, or a lack of support in gaining traction being about the Fathers business. The reasons are many from Church members and Pastors who are trying to go in a different direction to families and friends who are too busy and lack the same conviction. The worst part of all is not being heard, not having a voice, not having a platform of hope to keep us motivated.

Blogging is a great tool to allow you to get your voice actually heard. Especially when it is part of a large Blogging group as our with a massive number of daily visitors. Getting your blog read, followed or just seen is a very daunting task. Here at Proclaimers it is our mission, our calling to assist you in getting heard.

We want nothing from you except that your posts are Christ centered and exude Love, Grace and is never judgmental, harsh  or condescending. Most importantly it must be scripturally sound and based in the 66 books of the Christian Bible.

If you have a calling to Preach…
If you have experience and can Teach…
Or if you are passionate and want to Share….

Then, once you have contributed a dozen or more insightful posts in our Forums and have gotten to know a few of our leadership in the Social Network then ask and we will help you find a blog that you can author significant content and get your voice heard. As you establish yourself over several Blog posts and articles you may be invited to become an moderated Blogger and a Blog Moderator. Once you gain a following or support we will gladly provide you with your own private blog inside our network At which time you can keep it private, or you can invite others to participate as blog authors or moderators inside your Blog site.

What does this cost?

Financially, absolutely nothing. We do ask that you stay attentive to the mission, attitudes and Loving nature of the Proclaimers for Christ Network. We understand that their is a place in the Body of Christ for “Fire and Brimstone” type preaching or the need to shine a light on the enemy’s deceptions that plague this world.However, do to the nature of this site and the thousands of visitors who need to be re-claimed with a gentle heart and hand and the fears and insecurities that is so common with newly born again believers. We the founders of Proclaimers for Christ have been called by the Lord to provide a type of Spiritual hospital to allow those that are drawn to our Lord Jesus Christ yet are spiritually wounded and need a lot of Love, encouragement and support to grow in thier faith.

If you and your Blog posts act in a manner that supports this and can help raise and train those who are called to their own Ministry then we want and need your participation.

What we require…

Blog Site Leaders (Elders) are responsible to see to it that an average of 10 blog posts of substance are submitted to their sites on a weekly basis. This can be done with or without the help of others. Proclaimers for Christ will place advertisers or links to the rest of our sites and shopping opportunities to allow visitors a chance to support us by shopping with our advertisers. This is how we are funded.

The funds that come in are split into three general funds:

40% to local outreach and Ministry causes

30% to international Missions support

30% to run, fund and employ staff to keep this site running

Depending on your calling, blog posts etc. you will be encouraged to provide input into how these funds are distributed.

For example…

if you are called to Blog on reaching the Lost in South America then you will be part of the International Missions team and once you get your own Blog (Elder) you will be granted the right to direct a portion of the 30% that goes out to International Missions.

Similarly, if you are called to support unwed mothers and are a strong pro-life advocate and your blogging is focused in that area it is ossible that you become an elder and lead a blogsite. As the Elder, you would then be granted the right to direct a portion of the 40% funds that are appointd to Local outreach and Ministries and you could help support various pro-life activities.

The funding for these efforts comes primarily from earnings that are paid to Proclaimers for Christ from the advertisers and product sales. If you are a Pastor, Missionary or if you have a valid non-profit organization then you will also be given a PayPal donations link that allows visitors to donate directly to you and your PayPal account and totally bypass Proclaimers for Christ. We do not ever want a penny of donated monies that is directed to these Ministries.

For more information on becoming a Blogger and to talk to a member of leadership that is of the same gender then please fill out the following form and one of us will contact you shortly.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.

Together in His service


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Do you have a calling to Preach?
Do you have experience and can Teach?
Are passionate and want to Share?


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