Doctrine & Structure


Our Doctrinal Statement

We are a very simple group who believe leadership, control and administration is the Lords and that “man’s” involvement tends to mess things up. So we believe in little to no governing controls save a few logical things that any Christian society would agree is proper.

We believe that if it is NOT written in any one of the recognized versions of the 66 Books of the Christian Holy Bibles — Then, it has no place here in Proclaimers for Christ.

We believe that if it is a topic of great debate and if Church groups have split over it and been divided because of it then it is a distraction from the core focus of sharing, spreading and study of the Gospels and those topics really needs to treated with Love, Wisdom and Grace. Hard Line views are not welcome here. Neither are views that are not fully supported Biblically. We feel that getting focused on our doctrinal differences creates division and we should all pray to the Lord for guidance on these areas and let the Holy Spirit convict our hearts and study and learn while “agreeing to disagree” and not try to force our personal or our particular affiliations views.

PARTICIPATION and Various titles

Members, are those who have a profile on our web site or are those who participate in our local communities or are those who are active in our forums and blogs. Participation in our on-line community is granted in stages. Participation in your local community is granted openly and only requires that one or more persons are an on-line member in any capacity. Again, less control, less governing. We pray that we never have to change these policies and that the Lord protects those in this community. Local community organizers will need certain approvals as required by local, State and Federal laws and those with violent criminal and sexual offender backgrounds will most likely have to be screened or limited to a few Ministries and Groups with the local Ministry team permission.


Social Member – Is anyone who gets a profile and/or participates in the forums. Membership is free and non-restricted. removal of offensive information or what we feel is non-Christian material or profiles or those promoting similar links will be removed and banned by our moderators. Those that are trying to participate and accidentally offend another will be mentored and moderated with a loving hand and with grace and will only be removed by an administrator if things persist in a negative fashion.

Local Community Outreach/Group Leaders/Participants – Are those members who understand the need to bring the body of Christ under one roof. The Lords roof and not be divided under a flag of denominational politics and understand that individuals may have their own particular affiliation and level of comfort and that it is OK to disagree and that it is OK to differ on doctrinal issues while we all work together to do the Great Commission and grow nad improve the local body of Christ and to spread the Gospels of Jesus Christ. These “Local Members” are mostly self governed and act independantly with the exception of sharing in the on-line community. Any funds and fund raising that they do stays in their controls and are NOT supervised by Proclaimers for Christ. We are here to support and to share and to learn from one another. Not to control or govern directly. Of course we reserve the rights and use of the name and reserve the right to request that a group discontinue its use thereof or its affiliation if it is found to be offensive or does not meet our basic standards of doctrine as noted above. We will gladly provide insight and support and even a separate page and profile to promote these groups. We can add links for donations that bypass us and go straight to your own PayPal accounts. We do ask that you share information about your events and activities trough our social network tools so that others may learn and grow from your experience. If you have a web site or blog outside of ours we ask that you promote us as we do you.

Forum Moderator — is a person who has shown good judgement and a wholesome Christian set of values and seems to understand the intent of the Proclaimers for Christ group and has asked or has been invited into a position where they can watch and remove offensive material and alert the person who posted it that it is not suitable as well as alert the administrators that they may want to be more closely watched until the learn how to participate in a more Christian like manner.

Author — is a person who has demonstrated the ability to share the Gospels in an insightful and loving manner and/or is someone whom the board of directors for that web blog feel would be a good contributor. They will be free to write in the blog that they have joined and their posts will be reviewed by an Editor and then posted. The Editors reserve the right to edit or remove unsuitable, offensive or inflammatory content. Otherwise, so long as it is thoughtful, Biblically based, non-inflamatory and non-offensive in nature it will be posted in a category suitable for that post within hours.

Editor – is a person who has demonstrated that they are a person that can share the Gospels and the Word of God in an inspiring, Loving and Grace filled manner and do not need to be supervised in their posts to the Blog or Blogs that they are involved in. They also, may participate in the reviews and editing and posting of other Author materials wothout taking credit for those posts. Editors will also have the ability to create, edit or delete content and pages on the web blog that they are participating in. So being granted this access and title requires trust and approval.

Administrators – is a person who has the ability to remove members and change the level of membership of others. They also have full access to the code and structure of the particular web blog that they are participating in and have to be approved and trusted and must sign an agreement to gain this level of access that protects Proclaimers for Christ’s material.

Board Member – Is a person who has been elected by an existing Blog Site Board to participate in the supervision of that Blog Site or Local Community Project. They may or may not have to be screened and their background checked prior to the discretion of the Board that they are being elected to. All Boards are subject to the rules and policies of Parent Board for the Proclaimers for Christ Network which may or may not oversee and contain a series of separate entities that are sole proprietorships, corporations and not for profit entities and corporations as the Board, Elected Officials and Founders see fit. They will also oversee any local committees and or advisors to their respective boards.


Eventually as Proclaimers grows and evolves the Founders and Boards of Directors may and will most likely establish, organize and construct various positions, posts and entities that serve and protect Proclaimers for Christ and its membership, participants and contributors. As those are created they will be added to this list. Likewise, they may from time to time see that it is needed to amend or modify these statements and information posted here and throughout the Proclaimers for Christ Communities. All rights are reserved by the Proclaimers for Christ Founders.

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