Thank you so much for your interest in our financial needs…

Every Ministry or Fund Raising organization, as well as every business or enterprise needs money to operate on.

The Lord has blessed Proclaimers for Christ with an ability to use just about every traditional AND (thank God) some very cool non-traditional funding methods which include:

  • Gifts, Tithes, Donations & benefactor’s
  • Loans, Grants and Angel Funding
  • Fund Raisers
  • Our on-line retail stores
  • Commissions from our on-line advertisers (similar to how Facebook makes its money)
  • And of course any other way that the Lord chooses to see that we are blessed

Also, we do take donations

However, please make sure you are really moved by the Holy Spirit to donate to us directly, as we do have other resources for funding. PLUS, donating to us is not a Biblical way to “Tithe”. Your Tithes should go to your home church or perhaps it is on-line with one of our PASTORS and you are blessed by our weekly messages. If that is the case…. then, “Tithe” on their site. If you do tithe and you still feel called to donate to us then please if you would like it to go to a particular Ministry or area then Donate there as well. Otherwise, donations made to Proclaimers for Christ come in one of three fashions, methods or entities that Proclaimers for Christ has established.

Our Fund Raising on-line shopping cart retail operation which legally operates as Proclaimers for Christ Inc. a for profit corporation to avoid the hassles and dictates that are so quickly coming down on Churches and non-profit organizations on how they can and cannot collect money, who they can and cannot support and what they can and cannot even say. For this we follow the Biblical principles and give unto Caesar what is his and Give unto the Lord pretty much the rest. Short of the Money needed to run this website and the staff to oversee the fund raising efforts everything else is donated to either the United States Local outreach Non-profit entity PFC Network Ministry or the PFC International Ministry which is a foreign corporation held, managed and operated outside of the USA for relief efforts and Missions that are outside of the USA.

For more information on the separation of these entities feel free to e-mail one of our Chair people for more information.

So Donations?

Give to your home Church

Give to our on-line or in-house Pastors and Ministries

Give directly to Missionaries or Ministries

Support us ALL by shopping in our on-line store.

Support us ALL by clicking on our advertisers and buying what you need from them instead of going to them directly on-line or by shopping at your local outlet.

If you do that you will bless us greatly!


Most of all — PLEASE PRAYER FOR US — so we can continue to bless so many others who need it.


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