Two Witnesses


two witnesses, Revelation, wailing wall, proclaimers for christ, Through out history, God himself has never changed, yet his interrelationship with man most definately has.  How he first spoke with Adam in the garden was very different than when he spoke with Abraham, Moses and the prophets.  The old testament times was culminated in the coming of Jesus who then brought an entirely new covenant relationship with man.  The means provided throught the old testament for man to know God were drematically changed at the moment of Christ’s death by the symbolic tearing of the curtain in the temple.  Jesus Christ then became the Way, the Truth and the Life.  The Scriptures speak of all things changing and new things being declared and of former things passing away.  The Spirit of God no longer dwelt in a temple made with human hands.  Now he chooses to dwell in the hearts of men.

For two thousand years we have been dwelling in the “Church age”.  This Church age that Christ established is very different from what transpired in old testiment times.  In these end times, we are approaching the end of the Church age as we know it.  We must be ready to move on with God as he again brings about dramatic changes.


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