By: Pastor Ron Crandall

I Samuel 17: 1- 58

We open this morning to a story, a historical fact that was recorded even in the History Books of Israel. This Story changed the Face of a Nation and their outlook at the Giants

in the Land.

I proclaim to you this morning that when this message is over

there is going to be a Giant Killing.

How many of you this morning have Giants in your life and I’m not talking San Francisco either. They are real problems that you feel may have no solution or that you have not seen the hand of God move in.

Giants that must be destroyed:

The Giant of Sin

The Giant of Sickness

The Giant of Financial Reversals

The Giant of Fear

The Giant of Intimidation

The Giant of Harassments

The Giant of Lack

Those Giants are to be dealt with sternly this morning, and the Lord is not going to withhold judgment upon the forces that hold you incarcerated Rest assured Giants will be slaughtered in this building today.

Turn Now to I Samuel 17 a Giant Killing Chapter


NOTE: II set the Battle in array against the Philistines “

Facts About Goliath:

Height: 9′ 6′ ,

Family: 4 Brothers approximately same height

Weight: 400- 500 pounds

First of all:

 The outcome of the battle is never determined by the size of the opponent. But the size of your faith in your Great Big wonderful Delivering God.

There are giants just as big or bigger and they are as real Goliath of Gath, who stood in the valley between the two camps representing the Hoards of Hell.

But drawn into the drama of the story is the lad of Jesse.

Also already arrayed for battle were David’s brothers, Jesse sends David for a serve & report on how his brothers, were doing.

***Get this Picture if You will: If God can not find among the ranks of the experienced the Veterans I the Christians among the know it alls. No Pun intended. No sarcasm. But they’re not here this morning. No if God cannot find among the Veterans I among those who have been in wars. That should know how to face the Aggressor I this one called Goliath of


***If God cannot find it among the theologians, among the Preachers Teachers I Apostles Prophets ect… can not find someone among the ranks where You think should be able to find somebody to stand UP against wickedness of the devil.

 God is not bound in his search there he is not restricted there.

 God will find the worst and most inexperienced to beat the devils best ever

We have the army of the Philistines on one side and the army of Israel on the other. Every time Goliath came out the Bible says that all of Israel fled.

( denotes terror stricken with “PHOBOS” -or ungodly fear )

The average church poses no threat to the enemy.

But, God has a remnant that will seek the anointing and will take the battle to the enemy.

Understanding that without the anointing the yoke cannot be broken.

In the first place we are in War, which is of nuclear capability spiritually speaking, and Satan has it. I am not talking about a war between flesh and blood. We are seeing an on slot of the enemy against the Church, against our families, against our minds. It is an unprecedented attack that is coming through our teens, drugs, broken homes, failed marriages, and there is no time to tip-toe through the tulips.

We need an out pouring of Gods Spirit.

Goliath is as real now, as he was then.

David Cried out:

Are there any volunteers?

vs. 20

vs. 29 “Is there not as cause?”

 We have something in America called, “The Gospel of Accommodation.”

 We want to accommodate the enemy.

 We have learned how to hold our hands, and have religious meetings, and go through the rituals you are supposed to go through, and everybody is at ease in Zion.

 But God is not interested in our Piety.

He’s interested in our obedience to step in faith, even when the circumstances look bleak.

We have a comfort zone, just like we like it in our own home.

We keep the temperature set at 72 degrees not to hot or to cold.

Most churches are filled with people who want it 72 degrees spiritually, don’t get it to cold so I can’t go to sleep, and don’t get it to hot or I might wake up.

Everything religiously is done predictable, and you know the out come from the beginning.

 Just right services, are not going to get the job done.

 Just right services, don’t have enough power to blow the fuzz off of a peach.

 Just right services, will not heal the sick.

 Just right services, will not deliver those in bonds.

 Just right services, will not deliver the alcoholic.

 Just right services, will not heal the cancer that is in your stomach.

 But you let the power of God come down, and He will set the captive free.

There is a cause at stake.

And spiritual Goliaths are alive this day.

 The outcome of the battle is never determined by size of the opponent. But it is pre-determined by your faith in your Great Big Wonderful God.

I’m afraid.

You need not to be. for 2 Tim 1:7

 Courage is the ability to face that which faces you!

It doesn’t take courage to get up in the morning when there

is no Adversary at your door.

Every History book I’ve ever read will tell you and show you that people that were conquered the King would move on to Conquer someone else.

Christians think that God has given Satan carte-blanc in your life. While he is putting sickness, financial woes, murmurings, strivings. We say, “I can’t do anything about it.

” WRONG! I’m here to tell you that you have rights through Gods Word that God has given you.

So why are you not using them?

He’s given into your hand the tools by which to defeat the devil, when they are ANOINTED.

Five stones and one sling! Anointed… is enough

God is raising up little Davids who pose great threats to the enemy and his strongholds, and his imps who are shrimps. No Goliath better stick his head up in this church, or he will get it chopped off.

 If God can not get it through his spiritual elite, then God will look for those who may not even know the rules of grammar, or may not have even finished the eiqhth qrade.

 But God will call them I God will prepare them, then God will use them to destroy the works of the enemy. And, all the while, the spiritual elite stand on the hillside gazing and terror stricken.

But, this one knows his has been called, prepared, and is looking for battle.

Romans 3:3-4 What if some did not have faith? Will their

lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness? Not at all! Let

God be true, and every man a liar.

I am going to stand by the Word and the Word is going to stand by me.

I want you to note something this morning. David did not start out with the Goliath’s of his life.

He started out with the lion, and when he was faithful with defeating that then God sent the bear, and when he was faithful with that God sent Goliath, by the time he got to Goliath

(Job 19:25)

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth. ” )

David was ready to war:

For he said to Goliath, ” God will deliver this uncircumcised Philistine into my hand, and I will smite thee.” ( which denotes action on David’s Dart for a spiritual deliverance, in a physical


I can do this and I will do this,

I will destroy the Goliath’s in my life this day.

We find King Saul trying to give David his amour in vs.38 just like a lot of Christians are trying to give their amour away because they do not want to fight. They have forget the battle is not theirs.

But, we see David who says, “these things have not been proved in battle.” For you see, David perceived that this was not a physical battle but a spiritual battle.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds through the Holy Ghost. For our struggle is not against rulers, against authorities, against powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

 When David put on Saul’s armor he realized they were the weapons of natural warfare.

 You will never defeat the devil with natural weapons and natural warfare.

It must have shocked King Saul when david replied, “I can not use these, for they have not been tried.” Now David, “this has been my armourment for years, this armourment has been used for years in battle, and you are going to have to have it if you expect to win.”

 David knew that with his own natural capability he wasn’t even strong enough to kill a lion, let alone Goliath of Gath.

Even at a tender age David knew what power seized him and that the power was greater than the lion, the bear, and Goliath. He knew no natural armourment would or could kill Goliath, but it would take the anointing Spirit of God to kill Goliath, “little is much when God is in it. “

Five smooth stones, a sling, and the fear of God went to fight a nine foot six inch giant, covered in amour from head to toe.

Some have said, “he must not have much faith, or he wouldn’t have picked up five smooth stones.

Others have said, “well he must have been a terrible shot to have missed four times. “

No Goliath had four brothers, and David perceived in the Spirit that his brothers might be a little bit upset at the death of their brother.

So by faith he picked four stones one for each of them, to get the job done.

He was not willing to go one-fifth of the way and stand un-prepared in the face of the enemy. Let it be known here, that David and his brothers killed the other four, never to have that lineage defy God again.

If the brothers get angry and come after you, you have the Holy Ghost and if that isn’t enough you have Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and if that isn’t enough, you’ve got God the Father and heavens Angelic force to whip them.

But, here shows up a kid that doesn’t even shave.

Have you ever noticed the flare by which God humiliates the devil?

He always does what you don’t expect Him to do. He does the impossible.

You can’t get water out of a rock! God can.

You can’t make the waters roll back! God can.

Well, if He rolls them back, you can’t walk across without

getting mud on your feet! God can.

You can’t get a catering service in the middle of the dessert

for three million wandering Israelis! God can.

You can’t get a ball of fire to lead them thru the night !

God can.

You can’t put a cloud by day to follow! God can.

You can’t put a man in a pit of lions and bring him out! God


You can’t put people in the fiery furnace and bring them out

God can do anything.

God can

God can

God can !

You can’t have revival in ’2002! God can.

You can’t have an upper Room Experience! But God’s doing it The blind can’t see! But God is doing it

 All Men Fall But Great Men Get up

You can live in the realm of adversity, you can let the enemy put his tents on your real estate.

You can serve him lental or peas and you can accommidate him.

Or you can do what Shammah, one of David’s anointed did, he drew a circle in the middle of a piece of his land, and got in it and he got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The first step of getting out of a delima, is becoming sick of being in the delima in the first place’ The worst thing that can happen to you is the enemy has parked on you front lawn, but you have gotten use to it.

So you accommodate him.

You learn to live with the giant, and you begin to feed and accommodate him and all of his fat bellied relatives too.

That is exactly what the Philistines did to Shammah, he grew his lental or peas.

And he planted them, he took care of them, he watered them,

kept the birds off of his crop, and every time he would harvest them the fee-fi-foe bunch would come down out of the mountains into the valley and take his pea—

It wasn’t gold or silver he was mining.

It was just peas.

And, peas may not be important to you.

But if it was your lively hood, it would be important.

And, when the giants came he had, had it’

 “Remember step one is getting sick and tired of getting sick “and tired…

And when they came He said there have been some changes around here and You and your fat bellied relatives are not getting one more pea off my property and the Bible say ” the anointing of the Lord came upon Shamah and when the dust settled not one Pea was out of that patch and thousands of Philistines lay all around dead.

Because the anointing of the Lord.

And because he was sick & tired of being sick & tired.

 Warfare always surrounds the birth of a miracle!

If there are Giants on your land that’s the bad news, the good news is Warfare always surrounds the Birth of a Miracle.

If the Devil sends Giants into your land it is to rob you and prevent you from entering the fulness of God’s presence and blessing.

If he sends two Giants, He ( God) is going to do twice for you what he has done for someone else, if he sends a battalion get ready you are getting ready to be catapulted to victory.


Well I’m in a struggle

Well the Devil is after me

Well if you’re in a struggle that tells me something

Struggles if the devil has sent the Giants on your property


Say Listen To Pastor

 Struqqles are proof that You have not been conquered

You say Pastor, I am going through a struggle, then that’s good proof that the devil doesn’t have you out, if he’s sending giants in then he doesn’t have you.

You may be down But I said a while ago all men and women get knocked down

great men and women get up !

You see the devil is worried about what you are going to become.

You’re still led of God, you’re still anointed.

You still have purpose.

I want you to say I’m ready to your neighbor

 Those un-willing to loose. ..Never do. .”

Remember …

 Warfare always surrounds the birth of a miracle.

 Struggles are proof that you have not been conquered.

 Your battle is first won in the heart before it is won on

the battle field.

* Your heart is your knower.

Have you ever seen your name written in Heaven ? Did you see Him write it down ? And, how do you know that it’s there ?

You know it in your knower.

David knew that the devil was dead meat even before he went into the valley to fight him.

I know the outcome from the beginning.

 See it in Your faith first, and You will see it in reality second, but You will never see it in reality until You see it in your faith.

Goliath saw a kid comming but failed to realize that five stones and a Holy Ghost anointed sling was enough. But as David runs to meet Goliath, he sees the biggest, ugliest, demonic mass in front of him, as Goliath shouts, “am I a dog?” He was insulted, I’m going to feed thee to the fowls of the air.”

The devil always harasses us with his big mouth.

vs. 43 David’s response

” I come to thee in the name of the Lord

David’s already seen the victory before it happens



vs. 47 The battle is the Lord’s

God’s most inexperienced and anointed always beats Satan’s most demonically inspired tool.

 Never speak words that make Satan think he is winning!

 No matter what God has anointed in your hands it is enough.

If God asked you to storm hell with a water pistol -it is enough. To put out every flame that God has sent you to destroy…

Stop talking -get into action.


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