A Lesson from the Boys in class tonight


A lesson from the Boys: Had a good time with the boys last night actually awesome we
were in Neh  5 and I had them read the story and my helper for the evening was an intern and she did great and a
father stayed and helped we all had fun, our topic was integrity and what it
means.  When dealing with kids you always have to remember that all do not have a 2 parent home as was my case last

We came to a question in our book on whom in your life do you look up
to, most of the boys as they answered said my mom, my dad and I came to one
young man and he said, “Ron I have no one, I really don’t…” My heart
sank, a little voice next to him said “Chi-boy yes you do!”  he quipped back “no Zuriel I don’t” and
zuriel looked at him and said, “You have Ron…has he ever lied to you or not
been there for you…so you do have someone…”  a huge smile hit his face, and he said “Ron, I have you in my life to
look up to….”  Man I had a hard time not crying…you talk about humbling, the hurt in his eyes now replaced with comfort
knowing he had someone…

As Dora and I drove home I said,”Dora it is not about that he had me that touched me, it was that they all came together to let him
know, you may be feeling alone, but we’re here with you and commander ron…it
was the reaching out of children to children to one another, that just made me
want to cry, I wish we could all be like little children, looking out for each
other and be encouragers…”   The rest of the night this young man was involved and connected, why?  Because he felt safe, and others had looked out for him and showed God’s love…

If you want your life changed, I challenge you, no I dare you to go to your Pastor or Fellowship
and say “I would like to teach children…”  You will never be the same, you build a bond and get attached…some of
these children are really hurting and their homes are dysfunctional as all get
out…but you put one person with integrity in their lives that will show them
love and it not only changes them it changes YOU!   Yes, there will be night and times you wanna
pull your hair out, but, it is worth it… You may be the only Gospel they see
lived out in from of them… Be a man or woman of God and have integrity and get
involved, do what Jesus would do, keep your word in all situations and once you
step out, don’t look back and be a quitter, YOU can Do ALL things Through Jesus

My prayer is if this causes one person to step out by faith it is
worth writing…I didn’t think I was good with children at all… What I found out
is they are very forgiving if you are just there for them and play with them
and love them… Watch out they are very smart, I win very few checker games…lol
lol lol …. Have a great Day in Jesus!

Pastor Ron Crandall


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