Local Outreach


If the “On-Line” Ministry of Proclaimers for Christ is our Body… then, the Local Outreach is its heart and muscle.

As the on-line Ministry continues to grow and as it gains in popularity and success as did Facebook and other non-Christian Social Networks a few things will continue to happen.

  • We will gain more and more people that live close to each other from all over the world and especially inside the United States. These members of the Proclaimers family will be drawn to those who live close to each other.
  • As we grow in traffic, advertisers will continue to offer our visitors and members greater and greater specials, promotions and discounts to shop with them. The advertising affiliates will give Proclaimers for Christ a percentage of their sales and will finance many of the Ministry areas inside Proclaimers. 40% or more of these funds are earmarked to help these areas of Ministry and to financially support “Local Outreach Ministry Efforts in yours and my neighborhoods.

As these two dynamics come together Proclaimers for Christ will build a local presence in hundreds of local communities with financial support from Proclaimers for Christ and with the love, support, mentoring of the many members, bloggers etc. that are not only working with you in your local communities but from our various on-line ministry teams as well.

  • We will help you bring the local body of Christ together.
  • We will help you grow and plant Christ centered ALL denominational home bible studies
  • We will help you set up and have local events and functions to raise awareness.
  • We will help mentor you and guide you with a multitude of local outreach efforts including but not limited to:
  • a) Ongoing Men’s Ministry events
  • b) Ongoing Women’s Ministry events
  • c) Ongoing Couples Ministry Events
  • d) Ongoing Singles Ministry Events
  • e) Ongoing Area Business Owner Ministry Events
  • f) Ongoing Teen Ministry Events
  • g) Ongoing Youth Ministry Events
  • h) Ongoing Children’s Ministry Events
  • I) Ongoing Holiday Ministry Events
  • j) Ongoing Music and Performing Arts Ministry Events
  • k) Ongoing International Missions Support Events
  • l) Ongoing Prison Ministry Events
  • m) Ongoing Crisis Intervention Ministry Events (many forms)
  • n) Ongoing Food Shelves Ministry activities
  • o) Ongoing Homeless Ministry activities
  • p) Ongoing Widows and orphans Ministry activities
  • q) Ongoing Sunday School activities
  • r) Ongoing Vacation Bible School activities
  • s) Ongoing Community Service activities
  • t) Ongoing donations of special skills & support for the needy
  • u) Ongoing Hospice Outreach
  • v) Ongoing Nursing Home Outreach
  • w) Ongoing Shelters Outreach
  • x) Ongoing Public School Outreach
  • y) Ongoing ALL Denominational Christian Educational Centers
  • z) Ongoing Christian Home Schooling support

PLUS, anything and everything else the Lord God Almighty tells us to do in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ!



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