Mission Statement


Our Mission is to build an on-line community of Christians which will evolve into real life local Ministries and who do not fight over doctrinal differences or engage in political end-rounding in order to control others. Let us trust and take refuge ONLY in the Lord our God and not put our confidence in man as The Lord God is our Master. (Psalm 118:8)

We always need to remember…

and remind the world that Jesus came to set us free, it is only thanks to Him that we can have eternal life and a place in Heaven and NOT burn in hell because we have all sinned. It is our very nature to sin and God does not accept sinners.  But Jesus, His only son came into this world and was immaculately conceived, born of the virgin Mary. He then lived and struggled as a man yet He Himself did not sin. Yet in the end, He allowed Himself to be tortured and crucified horribly until His blood was shed. He died on the cross for us as the atonement and payment, via the ultimate price. He sacrificed His life, for every man, woman and child’s sins.  After three days Jesus arose from the dead and went to the people and explained to us that  repentance and remission should be preached in His Name. If we, the sinners of this world, believe these things with all of our heart, confess our sins and repent, we will be set free from eternity in hell. It is through grace and grace alone we will be, and are forgiven and so that we can have eternal life in Heaven. (John 14:6, Romans 6:23, Matthew 1:18, Hebrews 4:14-16, Romans 5:8, Philippians 2:5-11, Luke 24:46,47, I John 1:9 )

Every man woman and child needs to realize that it is the trinity of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit that is our only hope for real joy, peace, and true happiness on the earth. It is not through the seeking of quick pleasures and thrills at the expense of others. Yes, Christians do make mistakes, sometimes we are even hated, envied or persecuted. (Galatians 4:5-7, Galatians 5:16, 22-26)

But we all need to remember…

that Jesus wants you to know that He really does love you! He has sent His Spirit to council, guide and protect you. He wants you to understand His purpose, His will, and His plan for your life. The Bible is your manual, your source of inspiration, your handbook for life, business, relationships and every form of success. Jesus wants you full of joy. Jesus wants you to have a full and prosperous life.  A life filled with abundance so that you can give freely and not risk too deeply. A life of fellowship and service to others and to the will of God. (Ephesians 3:17-19, John 16:13, II Timothy 3:16-17)

In these end times the Bible is clear, very clear, it says great deceptions will occur, the enemy will do everything that he can to trick, confuse and desensitize us and distract us from our focus on the truth of Jesus. So much so, that we do NOT do the Lord’s will. Satan wants us to listen to man and not listen to the Holy Spirit of Jesus and to NOT read and study the Bible and fellowship lovingly as Christ Jesus did but to lust and be filled with greed, jealousy, envy and hatred. Satan, spends most of his time keeping people from fellowshipping together and praising and worshiping the Lord and studying the Word of God. Satan will use man, he will twist and distort the minds of many men who will lead you astray. Satan will dig at your shame and throw guilt in your face to make you believe that you do not deserve God’s love. (Matthew 24:4-5, II Corinthians 11:13-15, II Timothy 2:15)

So… Our Mission as the Proclaimers for Christ is simple in heart… and it may prove to be a challenge in execution… it is this and this alone.

To provide a safe place and way for people to congregate, to fellowship and study, praise and worship all that is good, and all that is about Jesus Christ our Savior and to immerse ourselves in the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments in order to better understand sin, the commandments that God wants us to follow, how to better share the Gospels of Jesus Christ though our own testimony, using our wonderful and uniquely different personalities and to witness to people that Jesus loves them and wants them in Heaven with us. We want to encourage each other to live our lives and always act and behave as we are: the lights and beacons that non-saved indivduals watch, and it is our behaviors, our actions that will make them decide if they want to be a Christian. We want to look out for each other and make sure that not only do we not sin, but that we avoid every possible perception of wrong doing in our lives and that we demonstrate God’s Grace and Love with every word that we profess and every action that we take. We want to do this together as a passionate work and burden of Love and to be kindly watchful so that all that we do and all that we discuss is of the Lord our God and is rooted clearly in the Bible. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

We want to rid ourselves of the fighting, bickering and politics that divides the body of Christ into silly competitive denominationalisms and bring together those that are divided by “silly doctrinal issues” (we are NOT saying that the doctrine is silly — BUT, fighting over disagreements or putting others down is silly or perhaps even much, much worse) and we are here to help those who feel that they have been hurt by those who were judgemental and controlling and assist them into returning to a place of Love, Grace and focus on salvation, discipleship, ministry at the most basic levels. To learn more on this controversial topic read some of our blogs or forum posts.

The body of Christ has been hurt…

it is under attack, it needs to draw together and work together as one, like the fingers of a hand, and protect itself while grasping, loving, forgiving and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In these end times we need to not fight for control. We need to inspire one another into works of great ministry.   Christians, pastors, and leaders of all types need to sacrifice of themselves to help each and every one to grow in their callings. Leaders must help believers to use their gifts to better the Kingdom of God here on earth and NOT try to control them, using them for their own ends and distracting them from walking in their own personal call. You need to be involved in your ministry- in your calling- so long as it is good in God’s eyes and it is Biblically sound and not a distraction from the salvation of souls unto Christ Jesus. We the Proclaimers for Christ Jesus are here to help you learn, study, fellowship and grow as Christians and to consult and support you in real life local outreaches, ministries, missions and christian social activities so that you literally become all that you can be.

This site is yours…

use it, take from it, give back to it your love, your support and your experiences and testimonies. We do not need your money, those that visit and shop by clicking on any of the many advertisers will be the primary source of our funding. All donation links will go directly to the support of ministries, churches and missionaries. Our product sales will be used to spread the Gospel and to build the Proclaimers network. If we ever do put up links that allow donations to us it will be for very clear purposes and be clearly identified for its use. We will NOT become like those churches, evangelists and traveling speakers who give you a little, and then ask you to give us your money. If you want to support us, first focus on giving us your love, time and exhortations, then if you feel you want to support us more shop, from our stores and affiliates. We want to make sure the value and prices are right, as we want you to prosper so that you and your ministry and the Lord’s work be done above all else.

Your Loving Servants and fellow Proclaimers for Christ our Lord — Jesus


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