Proclaimers for Christ was created so you could grow and build your ministry with the help and support of great Christians from around the world. It is our goal to do everything that we can to help you follow the calling that the Lord Jesus Christ has set into your heart.

Your calling is a personal thing between you and the Holy Spirit and we are not about to tell you how to do what you are called to do. We are here because our calling us to help you achieve your calling.




So if you’re called to Preach…

then get involved in our forums so we get to know each other and then participate in one or more forums. As your calling becomes more clear to you and as we get to know you a bit we will create a private page to help you promote your ministry calling and we may even create a new blog website that you can lead if one is not already started in that area.


If your calling is to Teach…

then share your experiences, knowledge and Love for Jesus Christ inside the Forums. Play nice… this is a place to share the Word of God in a non-judgmental or hurtful manner. Anything that must be said or that the Lord is calling us to say… Can be said in a nice, supportive way. Negativity, hatefulness or hurtful comments are not allowed.


If you feel called to Share…

then testify and witness as the Holy Spirit leads you to do so and share your love for Jesus inside of the forums. Consider this your website, your home on-line and your place to express your Christ centered calling to the 1,000,000 hits per month that search our site for inspiration.


If you are called into Ministry…

then come inside, participate and let us help you, support you, and we can all learn from each other and grow in our individual Ministries together.


If you are called to Evangelize…

then come, share your testimony, witness to those who make up out 1,000,000 hits or more each month and become comfortable with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord to the masses and work and get to know others who share your calling so you can grow in this so critical area of Ministry.


If you are calling into the Missions field…

then come, get your own private web page and let us help you raise the funds that you need to go oversees and let us help you expose your calling to the world. We never take even a single dime from your donations and as our funding permits we are called to help you as much as we can in all ways, even financially. There is never a cost to you.


If you are called into Local Outreach Ministry…

then reach out here, work out your plan to help your community here. Let us all help you achieve your calling no matter the specialization. Reaching out and helping others in need has endless possibilities let’s do it together. We would love to help you and start a blog website to assist you. Just come into our forums and start to share, witness, and testify so we can get to know you a little.


And if YOU’RE CALLED, but have no clue as to what your calling is…

Then come, join us in the social network and forums and let us pray with you, listen to you and help you seek the Lord Jesus to guide you and show you His plan for your life. Then we can all work as a team to help you! Help you be all that you can be in Jesus.



Here you will find true Agape Love and support without controls, guilt or shame.

Here you will find support to promote your Ministry.

Here you will find others who can help mentor you on your journey

Here you can possibly get some funding help as our ministry permits

Here you can get access to the over 1,000,000 hits by visitors to our site each month to find others who will work with you and help you be about your Father’s business.

Here you don’t have to make it all happen and figure it all out on your own.

Here you don’t have to get others to approve what your calling is.

Here you can achieve your calling and not be afraid to step out



Some, they all wrap around the two most critical commandments To love God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit with all of your heart, mind, body and soul and to Love each other in a non-judgmental and combative way. In other words… no fighting in the “sand box” and “play nice with the other kids” is our rule. We don’t fight or focus on our doctrinal differences… we focus on Jesus Christ, the great Commission and the Great Commandments.



Just your time, your efforts and your willingness to support others as they support your. We are a family. Only a small portion of our funding comes from donations, loans and grants. The vast majority of our funding comes from people clicking through to our advertisers and shopping carts and purchasing things that they need. So if you have a need to buy something and you can find it from our site. Then please do so and we will earn a commission that will help us support you and other Ministries. Facebook earns Millions upon Millions this way. Why not the Lord’s Body?




YES! You sure can… If you are a Pastor, Missionary, or have a 501c3 nonprofit that is active, well and Christ centered then you can get a FREE web page with links to you, your site, a Proclaimers e-mail that will forward to anyone that you like, a PayPal donations tab that goes ONLY to you and your PayPal account and whatever promotional contact information that you would like. These pages are being created now so hurry and you might make the first launch! All we ask in return is your active participation in our family by sharing in our forums and blogs.


If you’re a person who feels a calling to participate and you have Christ as the center of your life then get into the social network, participate in the forums, stay focused on the word as it is found in the 66 books of the Christian Bible and share your testimony, witness and as your voice grows and becomes more popular then we will ask you to join us in the blog’s and perhaps eventually you will have your own or help lead an existing one.



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