A Birthday Answer to Prayer


It was 1970 and our family was living on a small farm in Northern Minnesota.  It was my son’s fifth birthday and we were totally broke!  My husband’s business had gone South and he was away on a construction job trying to make up for the loss.  It was one of those summers where everything that could go wrong, did.  I had bought my son a birthday present ahead of time but we had no money for cake and ice cream.  At five years old, you don’t necessarily think a birthday has to be huge to be fun, but you still need cake and ice cream to make it a party.  I stormed heaven asking God to make a way.  Just after noon a friend drove up and made me an interesting offer.  She too was short on money but her kids wanted a baby rabbit of which we had plenty since we raised them for meat.  She would give me a dollar and a dozen eggs in exchange for a rabbit.  We quickly made the trade and I headed for the house to bake a cake.  Back then you could buy ice cream bars for 10 cents each so when my sister arrived with her three kids, my son’s favorite playmates, we headed for a nearby country store to buy the ice cream.  The party was a success and I will never forget God’s goodness to care that a little boy had a birthday party.


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