Prayer Team


Every Successful Christian Warrior Knows…

The power that we have…

comes solely from the power through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. That does NOT happen unless we are on our knees. If you want to be obedient to the Lord then we must all get on our knees and PRAY! PRAY! And PRAY! And as a dear friend once said “Don’t get it out of order”

Depending on your doctrinal and personal beliefs…

you will vary in your knowledge, understanding and belief in the effectiveness of prayer.

For those of us who have an open and frequent dialogue with the Holy Spirit…

we have learned the amazing blessings, wisdom, and love that the Lord bestows though prayer.

For those of us who have fallen short and tried to do things on our own…

without praying about it first and seeking the council of the Lord with prayer have most likely failed. Yet, when we pray about something earnestly and listen to the Holy Spirit we will quite often be blessed with great success.


those who seek the Lord’s will and instructions…

on what we are called to do and if we approach the Lord with humility, love, respect and patience He will let you know what his very special plan for you is. The more you listen the more you will receive.

Fervent Prayer mixed with earnest Bible study…

and obedience to the Lord’s will and calling on a daily basis for many of us — gives us great peace contentment and joy.

When under attack by the enemy…

Prayer and intercessory prayer in many cases is the only way to overcome a challenge. As true Christ centered Christians we must draw together and feel free to ask for prayer any and every time we feel that we need it.

As Prayer Warriors…

we know that you need the blanket of protection that the Lord provides us when we intercede for each other and Pray. We know that the Battle is His, our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and that the Victory is ours. It is not up to us to go out and fight or start wars with the Enemy… It is God’s will that we pray fervently and he and His Angels will do the battle for us.


And the ONLY way to get to God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Prayer and intercession with the Holy Spirit.

If you are a prayer Warrior CONTACT US and join in the fight.

If you NEED PRAYER … Contact us and GET PRAYER


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