Do you need prayer? Are you a Prayer Warrior? Do you want to Learn more about Prayer?

Please join our profiles and help us build this very important part of our Ministry.

We only started Proclaimers in early 2011/ We need your help. Thanks


Fervent Prayer mixed with earnest Bible study and obedience to the Lord’s will and calling on a daily basis for many of us — gives us great peace contentment and joy. It is such a way to sort out all that is causing you to suffer. Only Jesus can “fix it”.

When under attack by the enemy… Prayer and intercessory prayer in many cases is the only way to over come a challenge. As true Christ centered Christians we must draw together and feel free to ask for prayer any and every time we feel that we need it. Only Jesus can “fix it”.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors… Please, know that you need the blanket of protection that the Lord provides us when we intercede for each other and Pray. Whenever 2 or more of us gather together, the Lord will be present. We know that every Battle, every struggle, every need is His to resolve and solve (our Lord and Master Jesus Christ) and that the Victory is ours.

  • It is not up to us to go out and fight or start wars with the Enemy…
  • It is not our will that will change our lives
  • It is not our efforts that will fix anything
  • no person not our mothers, fathers, bosses, lovers or best friends can make us feel better or save us

ONLY God can. We only get healed or fixed when God chooses to do so. We ONLY can get that through a direct relationship with Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit or with the help of intercessors and intecessory prayer.

So, if you need help, let us pray for you — Jesus Loves you and wants you happy and blessed in every way Holy.

If you are a prayer warrior then — Please help us we have so many in need that need your prayers.

It is God’s will that we prayer fervently and he and His Angels will do the battle for us.




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