Reclaiming the Lost!

What a glorious and awesome calling! The world is full of those who once cried out to Christ Jesus for salvation, who once bent a knee and gave themselves to Him and yet walk blindly, with hollow hearts, in the shadows of Christianity.

Many claim that they are Christians. But do not lead a Christian life and do not know the real wonder and awesome love and glory that Jesus wants for them.

Many have been hurt by other well intentioned Christians, Churches and Pastors who zealously went too far and judged, misjudged, hurt, used or even abused those who were seeking the Lord and looked to them and were left hurt and lonely.


Ask yourself this..

You knew someone who was given the task to protect, love and raise a small child and that child fell into trouble at an early point in its life. Is it the small child’s fault or the parent or guardian that failed?

We have all done it. We have all accidentally hurt other Christians… especially those who did not fit in… did not act right… look right… talk right… we are all guilty! So that is why here at Proclaimers for Christ we are out to reclaim the Lost and refuse to do anything that will drive those who are seeking to make Christ the center of their lives. We are a loving family and are here to raise healthy, strong, educated Christ centered warriors and to heal those who have been hurt. W are not here to condemn, punish, or do anything in a harmful or hurtful manner.


If you feel called…

to this great cause about 1/2 of the entire human race within 50 miles of your home and the majority of the 1,000,000 plus hits that we get each month here at Proclaimers for Christ need you.

If you have been hurt — silently seek the Lord!

Stay in your home. We Love you and apologize for the hurt and pain you are and have experienced. We are not perfect but we are trying very hard.



March 22, 2011 | Comments Closed