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Hi, most of you probably dont know who I am, my names is Hannah James and I am an 18 year old(up until July). I also have a job working at a group home for developmentally disabled adults. I absolutely love the people I work with(the clients), I consider them my second family. In fact they really just make me appreciated how much abilities God has given me, they help me just slow down & think, and they really are just wonderful people who actually enjoy life- which ultimately helps me enjoy life.

Im not completely positive how much I can and can not say about my clients, considering there is things with confidentiality/privacy, however they are people too…so I would just like to share a story with you that just blew my mind, I sincerely felt the presence of God, or at least I know that my loving God was taking care of these people and that comforted me.

I was at work and lately I have been having a crummy time at work(with staff not clients) and I took one of my verbal clients out for a walk. Well her story is when she was born she was completely normal(what the norm is for our society in the area of development) but after brain tumors and strokes, she became disabled. Forgetting memories, things like that, and her development kind of stopped at a young-young age.

On the walk I was thinking about how I talk to her, and I was kind of personally scolding myself because I felt I was treating her like she was not a normal person like you and me. (even after i have gotten in many arguments with many people about how I dont believe there should be a word normal because it is so subjective) I felt I was talking to her like a baby all the time not really taking the time to personally talk to her. I have told her stories from the Bible and I have talked to her personally and treated her like a person but probably less then I should be.

So on this walk I just told her, “You know you make me happy, right?”

She said, “No I didnt”

I then said, “Well I tell you it all the time because you do…you know I come to work and I get angry, I get just so angry because of things going on, but I love talking to you and talking to you makes me happy.”

I felt so terrible but also great by her response, like I needed to tell her this more(since she forgets so easy, she doesn’t even remember who I am after a year of working with her), she said, “Im glad to know I make someone happy.”

So I then went down to her level and was like, “No (her name here haha) you make me so happy, honestly if I could take you to my house and have you hang out with me outside of here I would, but I cant because I have a dumb house with big dumb stairs, I couldnt even imagine wheeling you up those stairs.”

She then asked trying to find the words and said, “But but I thought you had like a….gah whats that word?”

I said, “Ramp?”

She replied, “Yeah! A Ramp”

I laughed, “No but if the world goes to crap then I will build you a ramp to go up into my house!”

She laughed and said okay. But then I started thinking, world go to crap, I wonder if she has any idea what I mean, so I elaborated.

“Do you know what economy means?” I asked.

She replied laughing again, “No.”

I continued, “Haha, well I dont know how to explain it….hmm, well you know taxes and jobs….or how you get a job and you can lose a job?” Shaking her head yes I continued, “well I think here soon people are going to be loosing job like crazy and taxes will get all whacked out.”

She looked a little shocked and said, “Oh yeah?”

And I just reassured her, “but like I said, if that happens im going to try and take care of you.”

She smiled. So I decided to go further and I asked her, “Do you remember how you told me you used to go to church?”

She said, “yes.”

I then asked, “What church was that called again?”

She replied, “Second Baptist or something like that?”

I then asked(kind of pushing it, haha), “So did you every give your life to the Lord?”

Now what she said was just amazing to me, “Oh yeah I did, God chooses who he wants.”

I was so flabbergaster, I just was like, “Yeah your right(her name), so you have prayed to him?”

She replied something like, “Oh yeah, all the time.”

I was getting a little teary because this was just making me happy, and I said, “Yeah because when your Gods nothing can pluck you from his hand, isnt that right?”

She smiled, “Yeah, hes always by my side. If im at school, hes there. If im at home, hes there.(she continued with other places I cant remember), he is always by my side.”

I just told her how happy that makes me and she told me a little story of how she was scared to go into this store alone to get something for her grandmother, but she remembered God was always with her, and that knowledge helped her be brave.

I hugged her and told her I loved her and asked her if she wanted to go inside now.

I was almost in tears. I just found this so awesome, considering the severe amount of development problems she has from such a young age. I was discussing this with Aaron(my boyfriend). I told him, in no way do I think she is stupid, but just the age she is predicted to be stuck at and how disabled she is, I am just blown away that through ALL THAT SHE STILL GETS IT. She just understands, and like she said, “God chooses who he wants.” And thats just it, if God wants you, you are his.

I love her and I am glad that she says she is Gods. I am glad that God is taking care of her and all my other clients. Prayer for her would also be nice. =)

-Hannah James

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  1. sdj says:

    You rock baby!

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